Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogging for Strength

I learned (too late) that yesterday was Blog Against Abuse Day. It’s a worthwhile cause and I would have done it had I not found out at around 12:30 at night (i.e., this morning).

So today I’d like to turn the concept around and blog about powerful women. Two women who I’m very proud to know…

First, my dear friend Rachel, who I know will be on the bestseller list as a sci-fi author one day, was interviewed in Jeff’s Vandermeer’s Blog, in a section called Conversations with the Bookless. (Because, thus far in her young career, Rachel has only written short stories.)
Rachel, you’ve made the big-time, you’ve been interviewed!! Damn, I should have been the first to think of that! ;)

The second woman is someone I’ve had the honor of interviewing twice (so far) in my career as a paintball journalist. Bea Youngs, who I speak with in the upcoming book “The Complete Guide to Paintball, Fourth Edition,” was recently named Editor-in-Chief of Paintball Sports Magazine.

Anyone in the industry—and many enthusiasts—know I used to edit this magazine before leaving it to go back to freelance writing and take over RECON, which enables me to work from home. Long hours, low pay, commuting? No thanks, not for me. I consider it a rough day when I have to put on *pants* to work!

But Bea has landed a fair deal that will allow her to work remotely, and still take care of her father who has Parkinson’s disease. For this reason alone—the way she is able to be her dad’s primary caregiver while still remaining a driving force in the paintball industry—I basically idolize Bea. I think she’s exactly what Paintball Sports needs to remain one of the top publications in the industry, and the publisher could not have made a better choice. When it comes to strong women, she’s close to the top of my list.

I’m going to cut this short to hang out with my best friend, another amazingly strong woman who just happens to be getting married to a wonderful man in three weeks. This blog may be coming a day late, but what better way to fight abuse against women than to applaud women who are amazing role models of strength?

(Photo caption, Bea Youngs and Chris Serf, two of my bestest paintball buddies)

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SK said...

Excellent post, and I very heartily agree. Keep up the good work! :)

Scott (aka skelly)