Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breaking These Chains!

It has been an amazingly busy two weeks. Between the launch of the RECON forum, a podcast interview today scheduled to launch on Blast Radius Woodsball Podcast in the new year, a rush assignment to write almost 100 product descriptions, and four more assignments from regular clients, I am working non-stop and cramming Christmas shopping and all that other good stuff into the sparse minutes in between.

I haven't gotten to start my exercise regime or anything else, but was happy to hear hubby say that, come the new year, he wants to get the mess in the house under control!

I want to write something thought-provoking and entertaining, but I'm pretty fried.

So you'll have to settle for this post, marking the end of the 13th AW Blog Chain (like the 13th Warrior, only more entertaining!)

I've got some reading and commenting ahead of me now, although I've stayed up to date on most of it!


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1 comment:

Arachne Jericho said...

You do sound a little fried, but you got a ton of big things done, it sounds like, which is awesome and impressive. I can't even begin to imagine writing 100 product descriptions. O.O Much less while launching a forum and Christmas and work!

I hope the podcast interview went well!