Friday, December 28, 2007

Ready for the New Year!

In spite of getting very little done over the past few days, I feel pretty good!

TJ bought us a stand-up punching/kicking bag for Christmas, and my sister-in-law, who always picks the perfect gifts, got me a Rebounder trampoline. Combined with the weight bench in the foyer, we now have a quite impressive "Allcot Home Gym" set up. And I've used it the past two days, in spite of being tired and crampy and, quite possibly, still hung over from a few days before Christmas!

We also got the house organized to the point where I can actually clean--as in, make the bed, vacuum, dust--on a regular basis. It feels good to not trip on *stuff* continuously, and was one of my huge goals for the new year.

Now, my quest for bookkeeping/submission tracking software begins. Any recommendations on good programs for a freelance writer?


plaidearthworm said...

Don't really have anything to recommend as far as programs go; I keep better written records than I do electronic records. But I've heard good things about MS Access. Congrats on getting your house organized--I wish I could make that goal!!!

Williebee said...

have you tried

I looked at it, and it looks pretty good. But, in my case, I went back to using Outlook's contact and calendar stuff, along with an access database template. (Free from MS)